Join us this summer for a webinar that will explore the Splash Engagement Center’s unique offerings.

Learn how engagement centers can help lower site burden and increase screenings and randomizations in clinical trials. You’ll also hear the latest on new technologies that streamline communicating with patients and help boost their enrollment in clinical trials.


Summer 2024

Coming Soon

During the webinar, you will learn:

Splash’s engagement approach

and how our Engagement Center combines technology and a patient-centric approach to improve enrollment rates.

Key metrics

to look for when using an engagement center in a clinical trial setting.


for better patient engagement through empathetic engagement and other Splash solutions like our Scheduler App


Through the webinar, participants will learn how our Engagement Center is designed to reduce the burden on sites and patients while increasing enrollment and randomization rates.

Whether you have experienced our Engagement Center or are considering this solution for your project, this is an opportunity to learn more about how Splash Clinical’s Engagement Center can help you accelerate patient recruitment.


We look forward to seeing! To secure your spot, please provide the following information:

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