Patient Outreach Solutions

The future of patient follow-up is here. Our innovative Call Center and Virtual Waiting Room (vWR) provide new ways to recruit and maintain engagement with patients, creating streamlined flexibility and on-demand visibility for sites.


Call Center

Our custom call center is the perfect solution for study teams looking to supplement patient engagement and follow-up.

Site-by-Site Flexibility
Custom services to fit your needs! We know that no two sites are alike. Adjust services on a site-by-site basis to get the most out of our call center.
Customized Schedule
Our call center protocol is custom built for each study's specific needs, for everything from communication scripts to follow-up schedules and frequency.

Virtual Waiting Room

Our Virtual Waiting Room (vWR) takes scheduling conflicts and symptomatic screening requirements out of the patient recruitment equation.

Enlarge the Enrollment Funnel
Don't miss out on patients! Prospective study participants that qualify but are not ready to screen can consent to enter the study Virtual Waiting Room (vWR).
Maintain Engagement
Keep your study top-of-mind! Splash Clinical sends study communication via call and email to qualified participants until they are ready to be passed to sites for screening.

Streamline Your

Intake Process

Splash Clinical's patient outreach solutions were built from the get-go to work with your existing protocols and security. Increase your enrollment funnel and boost engagement today!

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