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Site Recruitment Services

Site Recruitment Solutions (SRS) was created to provide Study Sites with an digital patient recruitment campaign customized to meet their specific needs.

If you’re struggling with recruitment for a study, SRS may be the answer. If you’ve tapped your patient database and are still in need of more patients, digital and social media marketing may be the boost your study needs.

Digital campaigns work with a much lower cost than traditional media like television and radio. Digital marketing also provides many more options when it comes to targeting your study’s specific demographic.


Target people based on age and gender.

Reach specific patient populations based on a study’s therapeutic area.

Geographically target a specific area around your study site.



30 day marketing campaign.

A customized study website with a webform to collect referral’s contact information.

Secure, digital Referral Portal where referral’s contact info is stored.

Full digital media campaign management and analytics.

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