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Sponsor & CRO Services

Sponsor & CRO Services

At Splash Clinical we exclusively use digital and social media to help you recruit patients for clinical trials. Where some companies may offer digital and social media marketing as an additional strategy, at Splash Clinical it is our expertise. Along with our in-depth knowledge of digital and social media marketing, Splash Clinical offers…

Project Management

From beginning to end, a project manager will be assigned to your patient recruitment campaign to help give you and your sites the tools needed to follow up and collect patient health information, which reduces the time and resources needed for gaining qualified referrals. Working with study teams and providing updated information.

Site Support

Along with our project management, Splash Clinical offers personalized site support for every campaign. Beginning with staff training webinars to ensure every site contact understands the tools that are available for collecting referrals. And throughout your campaign we monitor incoming referrals, as well as follow-up with sites, which increases successful referral randomization for your clinical trial.

Full Campaign Transparency

Every strategy and tactic is approved by you before implementing. We handle all the details of a patient recruitment campaign without seeing any patient health information (PHI), to ensure 100% confidentiality for every study. You have the option to use your own website and Facebook page for generating qualified referrals. We also offer a Comment Manager App that protects the integrity of your clinical trial.

Sophisticated Analytics

We track every piece of data that comes from your patient recruitment campaign. Whether it’s based on location, demographic or interest, we have the ability to target your exact audience with confidence. Weekly analytic reports give you a step-by-step evaluation of your campaign, which makes it easier to track ROI.

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