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Traditionally, patient recruitment for clinical trials has been conducted by way of mass media to a largely untargeted audience. Splash Clinical breaks from tradition to target the right patients through digital and social media marketing. We tailor our marketing to work with your clinical trial by testing different digital approaches and measuring the results. We are able to do this faster and at a much lower cost than TV, radio or print advertising.

Splash Clinical’s Process:

  • Determine the best digital marketing strategies, such as Google AdWords, Facebook, banners, email blasts and Patient Advocacy Groups.
  • Work with patient advocacy groups to determine the best marketing methods and strategies.
  • Develop marketing materials that work within IRB guidelines.
  • Work with your budget, adapting and adjusting your campaign as necessary to get the best value for your marketing dollars.
  • Monitor our marketing efforts while measuring and reporting the results throughout the life of the campaign.



You will not be asked to sign a contract or make a long-term commitment. However, Splash Clinical pledges to make a commitment to your clinical study, helping you quickly and cost-effectively reach your recruitment goals.

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