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Analytics Services & Recruitment Analytics

Get greater insights to boost your study enrollment!

Every marketing method within a study brings different results, along with varying worth. Just like the drug development and discovery process, marketing needs to be thoroughly evaluated to know which methods are performing well and why.

The real key is to understand this early on in a study so the most successful tactics can be maximized for the length of the recruitment period.

Analytics help:

Make Informed Marketing Decisions

Our Marketing Analytics incorporate all marketing efforts, through all channels, over any time span. Having this information readily available makes it easy to evaluate different tactics and form more sound marketing decisions based on solid data.

Optimize Recruitment

Along with spending the budget effectively, knowing which ads in which media outlets are performing the best, helps recruit more referrals.  Once we understand which ads people are responding to, we can show those ads to more people.

Use Budget Effectively

Using Analytics helps you identify which tactics are top performers, which gives you the insight you need to spend the budget on tactics that are going to bring in more referrals, instead of using it on methods that aren’t helping accomplish the end goal.

Splash Clinical compiles weekly analytics reports to share with our clients. This helps each client know how social media and digital tactics are performing and gives extra insight into how many people have been referred, screened, and qualified from online marketing efforts.

As always, all materials Splash Clinical uses for marketing of clinical research studies have been approved by an ethics committee (IRB, EC, etc.) before being published. We are well informed of the restrictions and guidelines in the pharmaceutical industry and develop our materials based on those guidelines.

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